hi, omg I’m not posting for several months. Now, I will compensate one by one my home work. But first I have post my first home work here, Olive Sheet Mask by Etude House. Now, I will tell you my experience with this L’oreal paris şeker peelingi besleyici. After searching for an hour I found same product in english. It says this is smooth sugars nourish scrubs. I got it from my student from Turkey. Thank you Meita Izzati P ❤️

Nah, this product is not only for face but you also can use it for your lips. They claim used that product nourishing, softening, relieving, and soothe the skin tissue.


I had used it for a month. It exfoliate my skin twice in a week, because I also use chemical exfoliator. I don’t want my skin get too much exfoliated. I applied it with brush or my finger. Better you apply it with brush to keep it hygienic. I left it for 30 – 60 minutes. Then soak my skin with sugar scrub. I wash my face with facial foam. You can leave the water evaporate by itself or put tissue paper.

After scrubed your face don’t use any exfoliator for a day. Voila your skin is turning to baby skin texture 😭

It contained 3 natural sugars pure coconut oil (hindistan cevizi yagi), cocoa seed (kakao tanecikleri), and cocoa oil or cocoa oil  (kakao yagi). I hope I’m not wrong  translate it. If I search hindistan cevizi yagi I think it’s not liquid like what i thought. In Indonesia we always find liquid pure coconut oil. It might in Turkey pure coconut oil that used is a bit thick like balm I guess.

In my opinion I love the scent of cacao while open up the jar or while I used it. The scent is very calming. I’m not break out after used it, and it’s good. This mask isn’t turning dry even I left it on my face for 60 minutes. The highlight is i can feel my skin turn to baby skin texture. It very soft, moist, and a bit chewy. My skincare routine looks better on my face after used this. Of course I will repurchase this one when I spend first jar and try another varians. Cause I love this product that much i’m adding my another skincare steps.

Disclaimer : This review is based on my experience. It probably have a different result in anybody.

Thank you for reading. I hope it will helps you.

with love,




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