Olive Sheet Mask – Etude House

Now, I’ll tell my first impression about olive sheet mask from Etude House. Personally, I wish the essence is light n transparent. But, when I opened the package wow the essence is thicker than snail sheet mask 😅

So, first the essence is thicker than snail mask. Second the essence isn’t white but green. I can see it through sheet mask. It’s greener than other mask.

When I put it on my face. I felt something hot around my upper lips for 5 – 10 minutes. Then the sensation move to my chin. It leaves tingling sensations on my face.

Honestly my face really dehydration. It become itchy n flake off these days. Ooohhh it was disaster. Because of my experience with snail mask made my have acne and this sheet mask help me to decrease flake skin near my nose. So, I thought it would work on my dry skin this time. I can hold the tingling sensations but not acne.

Disclaimer : This review is based on my experience. It probably have a different result in anybody.

Thank you for reading. I hope it will helps you.

with love,




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