Snail Sheet Mask-Etude House

I’m coming back with e new review. I’m really sorry for being inactive cause I have a full schedule in april until early may. So here we go

I got this one originally from korea. I have dry skin type. So series olive n snail is fit with me. First, I’m surprise with essence. It’s look a like lotion, have a white color not transparent like I always used. In one package the essence enough to apply on face, hand and feet. The essence is thick but very easily to absorb. I’m not feeling greasy anyway. At 1 minute used it I feel tingling sensation but after that I feel my skin is cooling down.

I can’t smell anything which is good for me. Size of mask isn’t large but you can stretch it to fit with your face. Don’t worry the sheet mask is strong enough to stretch. Sheet mask not thick or thin, but it really smooth. I love it.

I don’t know how much every piece of this mask cause I got it for free. You can check online shop or e-commerce I thought they sell it too.

This mask for you who want have a smooth n firm you skin. Well, after wore this mask I have acne. I don’t know it’s there before I wore this or the essence is too rich for my skin. I think this mask is good for very dry skin type or dehydration skin. Or you can wore it when you’re fasting in holy Ramadhan.

Disclaimer : This review is based on my experience. It probably have a different result in anybody.

Thank you for reading. I hope it will helps you.

with love,




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