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Tittle                               : Trolls

Production                    : Dreams Work

Director                         : Mike Mitchell, Walt Dohrn

Release Date                 : October 28th 2016

Duration                        : 93 minutes

Genre                              : Animation of Fantasy and Adventure

Star : Anna Kendrick as a Princess Poppy

Justin Timberlake as a Branch

Zoey  Deschanel as a Bridget


So the story is about Trolls and Bergen. Trolls are the most happiness creature in the miserable world. They are like singing, dancing, laughing, and they really know how to spread positive vibes around. For Bergen to make them self happy is put the troll to their tummy. One day, in the lucky day King Peppy was rescued all of trolls to get away, far away, from Bergen city. Trolls never forget that day. So they decide to celebrate it every years. Until one day they over celebrate and one of Bergen knew where they lived for 20 years. She turned the happiness into a terrify moment. And God, she brought some of Princess Poppy’s friends. Trolls so scared to face of that Bergen. Princess Poppy always remember the day that her father, King Peppy, was saving the colony of trolls. King Peppy said “No trolls left behind” Now her father is not as brave and strong as King Peppy 20 years ago. What should Princess Poppy do? She never wants to leave anyone. But of course she doesn’t have any knowledge about Bergen, she never leave her home. Naaaaah you should watch it in cinema to know the ending of trolls’s story.

For me this movie is not too childish to watch by a mature people like me. You know that sometime mature people like us can’t see anymore something special behind simplicity of life. I decided to watch this one since May 2016. I saw Anna Kendrick posted a video of her performance with Justin Timberlake in Cannes Film Festival.I’m so in love with their song. On my mind troll is a giant like what I saw in Harry Potter. But you know? they are a tiny creatures with a color full hair. And their hair is like magic can be a stair, can do camouflage, and many more. If troll is a tiny creature so Bergen is a giant. I really enjoy watched this. Sometimes I just sang with them when the song was playing. I realize something. The world isn’t miserable as we knew. It depends what you think. We are not happy cause we eat something or just have everything. Being grateful of what we have is a key of happiness it self. From Branch I learned we may have a tough day in the past. But we still have another sunny day in another day. All we should do just choose to be happy. When we are in a happy mood our color of aura just shining through our body. And when we are sad or not in a good mood our color of aura turn into dark. And from Princess Poppy I learned that everyone deserve to be happy even a bad one. One more from the book that I’ve read and the movie that I’ve watched they taught me about kindness, clean thing always open a way to the happiness. Nah that’s the opinion of female in 17+++ years old . If you ask me would you like to take your nephews to watch this? I’d love to. But they will really scared spending 93 minute in a dark room. If this movie just release in iTunes I will buy it or rent it for my nephews. So, If all of you have a child at home and don’t know on the weekend. This movie should be on your list.. Happy weekend 😉 Don’t forget to always spread the love everywhere around you.

The qoutes of this movie are:

“Happiness is always inside us. But sometimes we need someone to find it with.”

“Thank you for make me happy.”

You can watch the trailer


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